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Members wanting to check out a book should contact our Librarian, Jan Pagoulatos. Her information is in the Society Roster.

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(Cassette) Biological Greenhouse Conrol Poot, Inge   
(Cassette) Growing Dendrobiums in Mid-America Stern & Spies   
(Cassette) Guide to Pronunciation of Orchid Names Ferrington, Gerda   
(Cassette) Midwest Cultivated Orchid Growing Pigors, Hermann   
(Cassette) Phalaenopsis Moses, John   
(Video) Growing Orchids Under Lights Webster, Bob   
(Video) Introduction to Orchids American Orchid Society   
(Video) Orchid Pests & Diseases Gordon, Bob   
(Video) Potting & Mounting Orchids - Cool American Orchid Society   
(Video) Potting & Mounting Orchids - Warm to Intermediate American Orchid Society   
(Video) Prize Winning Secrets of Professionals Shareware   
100 Orchids to the American Gardener McDonald, E 1998  
A Gardners Directory of Orchids Rittershausen 2001  
All About Growing Orchids Ortho Books 1998  
An Orchidist's Glossary American Orchid Society 1974  
An Orchidist's Lexicon Oregon Orchid Society 1969  
Beautiful Orchids Black, P M 1973  
Beginners Guide to Growing Phalaenopsis Gordon, Bob 1986  
Biology of the Orchid Dodson & Gillespie 1967  
Book of Orchids Withner, Carl 1985  
Botanica's Orchids: over 1200 species Botanica 2002  
Botanical Latin Steam, Wm 1983  
Botanical Orchids and How to Grow Them Kramer, Jack 1998  
Bulbophyllums and Their Allies: A Grower's Guide Siegerist, E 2001  
Cattleya's and Their Relatives Vol 3 Schomb, Sophr Withner, Carl 1993  
Cattleya's and Their Relatives Vol. 1 Withner, Carl 1988  
Cattleya's and Their Relatives Vol. 2 Laelias Withner, Carl 1990  
Complete Guide to North American Gardens Mulligan, William 1991  
Cultural Manual for Aerangis Orchid Growers Hillerman, Fred 1983  
Cultural Manual for Angracoids Orchid Growers Hillerman, Fred 1992  
Culture of Phalaenopsis Gordon, Bob 1987  
Cymbidium Hybrids and Awards Wright. J C 1955  
DOS Pueblos Orchids DOS Pueblos Co   
Dendrobium and Its Relatives Lavarack, Bill 2000  
Encyclopedia of Cultivated Orchids Hawkes, A D  1965  
Exotic Orchids Rittershausen 1989  
Field Giude to Orchids of North America Williams 1983  
Flora's Orchids La Croix, Isobyl 2005  
Flora's Orchids Noble 1951  
Genera Orchidacearum Vol 1 Cribb, Philip 1999  
Greenhouse Plants Ortho Books 1990  
Greenhouses and Garden Rooms Ortho Books 1991  
Greenhouses and Garden Rooms Brooklyn Botanic 1988  
Growing Hardy Orchids Tullock, John 2005  
Growing Hardy Orchids Indoors Kramer, Jack 1985  
Growing Orchids Rittershausen 2002  
Growing Orchids American Orchid Society 1998  
Growing Orchids Vol 1: Cymbidiums & Slippers Renroul 1980  
Growing Orchids Vol 2: Cattleyas & Epiphytes Renroul 1982  
Growing Orchids Vol 3: Vandas & Dendrobiums Renroul 1985  
Growing Orchids Vol 4: Australian Families Renroul 1985  
Growing Orchids: The Hybrid Story Renroul 1991  
Guide to Orchids of the World Hodgson, P 1991  
Handbood of Orchid Photography American Orchid Society 1980  
Handbook for Greenhouse Gardeners McDonald, E 1975  
Handbook of Judging & Exhibitions 9th American Orchid Society 1991  
Handbook of Orchid Culture American Orchid Society 1988  
Handbook of Orchid Nomenclature/Registration American Orchid Society 1969  
Handbook of Orchid Pests and Dideases American Orchid Society 1986  
Hardy Orchids Cribb, Philip 1989  
History of Orchid Growing in New Zealand Bonham 1990  
Home Orchid Growing Northen, R 1950  
Home Orchid Growing Northen, R 1950  
How to Control Orchid Viruses Wiesler, Gail 1989  
How to Grow Orchids Sunset Books 1977  
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchid Genera Alrich & Higgins 2008  
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids Pridgeon, Alex 1992  
Intro to the Ecology of Illinois Orchids Sheviak, C 1974  
Manual of Cultivated Orchid Species Bechtel 1986  
Manual of Orchids Stewart, Joyce 1996  
Masdevallia Cultural Guide Rhodehamel, William 1993  
Masdevallias Gerritsen,  2005  
Mid-America Orchid Congress Show Rules Mid-Am Orchid Congress 1983  
Miltoniopsis Culture Carlden, E J   
Miniature Orchids Northen, R 1980  
Miniature Orchids McQueen, J & B 1992  
Missouri Orchids Summers, Bill 1987  
Native Orchids of Florida New York Botanical 1972  
Native Orchids of the US and Canada New York Botanical 1975  
New Horizons in Orchid Breeding Freed 1979  
New Orchid Doctor Hamilton, Robert 1988  
Novelty Slipper Orchids Koopwitz & Hasegawa 1989  
Orchid Basics La Croix, Isobyl 2000  
Orchid Care and Cultivation Terquem, Parisot 1993  
Orchid Fever Hansen, Eric 2000  
Orchid Flowers/Their Pollination & Evolution Dodson & Van Der Pijl 1966  
Orchid Growing Black, Peter McKenzi 1992  
Orchid Growing Basics Schosner, Gustav 1993  
Orchid Growing Illustrated Rittershausen 1985  
Orchid Photography Fitch, Charles 1995  
Orchid Picture Book McDowell, Duane 1995  
Orchid Seeding Care Gordon, Bob 1991  
Orchid Species Culture - Dendrobium Backer & Backer 1996  
Orchid Species Culture - Piscatorea - Pleione Backer & Backer 1991  
Orchid Thief Orlean, Susan 1998  
Orchid Tourist Plimpton, S 1989  
Orchids Stewart, Joyce 1988  
Orchids - A Practical Handbook Rittershausen 2002  
Orchids - Golden Nature Series Shuttleworth 1986  
Orchids As Houseplants Northen, R 1955  
Orchids As Indoor Plants Rittershausen 1980  
Orchids Simplified Jaworski, Henry 1992  
Orchids Time Life Books Skelsey, Alice 1978  
Orchids Under Lights Hofsommer, A 1978  
Orchids You Can Grow Logan, Harry 1971  
Orchids for the Home & Greenhouse Brooklyn Botanic 1985  
Orchids for the South Kramer, Jack 1994  
Orchids of Africa Steward & Hennessy 1981  
Orchids of Asia Teoh, Eng Soon 1980  
Orchids of Australia Nicholls, W 1969  
Orchids of Brazil McQueen, J & B 1993  
Orchids of Indiana Homoya, Michael 1993  
Orchids of Panama Missouri Botanical Garden 1980  
Orchids of Tropical America: An Introduction and Guide Meisel, Kaufmann, Pupulin 2014  
Orchids, Revised Edition Stewart, Joyce 2000  
Orchids: Natural History & Classification Dressler, Robert 1981  
Orchids: Their Botany & Culture Hawks 1961  
Out West Growing Cymbidums & Other Plants Boyle, L 1952  
Paphiopedilum Growers Manual Birk 1983  
Phalaenopsis - The Genus in Pictures Higgins & Alrich 2015  
Phalaenopsis Culture - Worldwide Survey Gordon, Bob 1988  
Picture Encyclopedia of Oncidium Chase, Mark ed. 1997  
Popular Houseplants Chapman, Davidson 1987  
Popular Orchid Growing Sanders 1952  
Reproductive Biology of Species Orchids Adams, Peter ed.   
Revision of Dendrobium Sect Oxygossum Reeve & Woods 1990  
Rodale Book of Garden Photography Fitch, Charles 1981  
Sanders List of Orchid Hybrids 1971-1975    
Sanders List of Orchid Hybrids 1975-1980    
Sanders List of Orchid Hybrids 1981-1990    
Sanders List of Orchid Hybrids 1991-1995    
Sanders List of Orchid Hybrids 1996-1998    
Slipper Orchids Cash, Catherine 1991  
Slipper Orchids Hennessey & Hedge 1988  
Step By Step Guide to Growing & Displaying Rittershausen, W 1993  
Success With Orchids Rittershausen, W 1997  
Vandas & Ascocendas Grove, David 1998  
When Does It Flower? Hamilton, R M 1977  
Wild Orchids of North America Brown, Paul Martin 2003  
Wild Orchids of the Mid-Atlantic States Gupton & Swope 1987  
Wily Violets & Underground Orchids Bernhardt, Peter 1980  
You Can Grow Cattleya Orchids Noble, M 1968  
You Can Grow Phalaenopsis Orchids Noble, M 1971  
You can Grow Orchids Noble, M 1953  

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